Heavy Microsoft ads on Freshmeat

Freshmeat is, in their own words, “the first stop for Linux users hunting for the software they need for work or play.” and it also “offers a variety of original content on technical, political, and social aspects of software and programming, written by both Freshmeat readers and Free Software luminaries.”

I have been very surprised to see, more and more, Microsoft ads on Freshmeat. All over the place. Quite often. Freshmeat lists thousands of applications, “[…] preferably released under an open source license […]” . Microsoft != Open source. In fact, Microsoft considers open source a virus (well, at least Ballmer does). Why an, mainly, open source software repository will sell out like that?

I liked Freshmeat, and Slashdot. They were fresh (no pun intended), innovative. I liked them a lot when both weren’t part of the OSTG, which is part of VA Software Corporation. Their decandence started then, somehow.