Why Vista is not going in

I was talking —well, chatting— the other day with a friend of mine and he was telling me some bad experiences he had had with a Windows Media Center upgrade. That got me talking about Windows Vista, perhaps it is because Windows Vista Ultimate comes with it, I am not sure. Anyways…

I told my friend I am not installing Vista (although I have Windows Vista Ultimate —the final version of Vista, no beta, no RC, but final— as part of my MSDN subscription). And I listed three main reasons:

  1. Windows Vista doesn’t offer anything that I need and, sincerely, nothing that I want (I know, I should have stopped here, and make it a one point reason).
  2. Not all the devices/parts I have on my home built machine will have Windows Vista drivers, hence they might not work right, or might not work at all.
  3. Even if Vista had something that I needed/wanted, I am not willing to sacrifice my current applications/games performance, by sharing the available resources (video memory, system memory, CPU, etc) with an OS that is, indeed, resource hungry.

And that’s that.