GoDaddy and MediaTemple

Not long ago I was looking for a new collocation provider. I was with ServerBeach, as I am right now, but the friend I was teaming up with to share the expenses wanted to move from Linux to a Windows server, and I have nothing to do with one –Windows server, that is. Since I couldn’t afford to pay the fees on my own, I was off to find a new provider.

Having used Virtual Servers in the past, I decided to give it a try again, and picked GoDaddy, mainly because they have been my registrar for long time and I had no complains with the service received, and because their VS prices are very tempting. To make the long story short, I ended up getting and canceling the service withing two days. Why? They do not allow full control of port 25, you must relay through their mail hubs. That is unacceptable for me. That is not spelled out when getting the service, and it isn’t part of the agreement you must accept. Off I went to the “searching board”, again.

This time I picked MediaTemple, mainly because some weblog luminaries recommend them so well. Their VS are expensive, compared with GoDaddy’s, but “if their service is as good as these recognized webloggers claim, –I thought– I am willing to sacrifice.” Well, they treat VS, which isn’t supposed to be managed, as a managed service. They do not allow changes on certain key files, for example. If they provide VS claiming it is unmanaged, I should have full control over it, even if I break things up. That is not the case . Their 24 hours technical support lacks of knowledge for things beyond “I forgot my password” and everything else must wait on tickets. Once again, service canceled and back to the search.

I ended up coming back to my trusted ServerBeach, splitting the costs again, this time with an even better deal. It felt good to be back “at home”. If you are looking for collocation, really look no further. You will not be disappointed with any of the ServerBeach products, technical and customer support. Guaranteed.