Made in China

I don’t have a particular problem with China. I admire its very old culture, its people resourcefulness and their resilience, among other things. But when I see everything I buy here in the U.S. made in China, I feel uncomfortable. It tells me something is wrong with the way we are doing business.

It isn’t the “Made in China” the thing that bugs me. It’s the everything “Made in China” that does. And the quality of it, which is bad overall. It is the sense of dependency. We have become a consumerist society, but one that consumes low quality items. Chinese products might be cheap to produce, even a good deal for our business here, but they are now reaching prices not to cheap for the consumer while the quality remains the same or lower.

Nation businesses that pride themselves of being on the market for hundreds of years, making their products their bread and butter are now having the same products made in China. Should that “pride” remain? I think they fool themselves. Highly recognized Japanese brands, like Canon, Nikon, etc., are having their products made in China as well. And yes, the drop in quality is distinguishable.

We will be going to a vacation soon. It will be our first vacation overseas in six or seven years. We want to bring presents, but we are having a very hard time finding gifts for friends and family that are U.S.A made. I totally refuse to bring something made somewhere else.