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SuperGenPass update

SuperGenPass: A Free Bookmarklet Password Generator

Chris Zarate has updated his SuperGenPass bookmarlet, which now has it’s own dedicated domain. Version 1.1 comes with (from the website):

  • Moveable window: The SuperGenPass window can be moved by dragging the title bar.
  • Smarter password capturing: When multiple master passwords are found, the conflict must be resolved by double-clicking the desired field.
  • Smarter autopopulate: Autopopulate is on by default, but only for fields where the master password was found. Other fields can be manually populated by double-clicking.
  • Protocol check: SuperGenPass will now work on FTP sites (when viewed in a Web browser). It will also fail gracefully on all protocols other than HTTP and FTP.
  • Updated look: Small changes in user interface; more consistent across browsers; better resistance to style overrides.
  • Usability: Enter key will submit forms; returns focus intelligently.

I first mentioned about this on my Single Sign on post, and I have been using ever since. Nice to see Chris keeps the utility fresh and useful.