Yes, they sold it

A while ago, I wrote about the closing of the C3 School, previously known as Parkway Preparatory School. As many other parents and staff, I was sad to see the school my kid attended to disappearing. And there were rumors, so I asked a senior Pastor (do not remember his name now) about them. I was told the Church wasn’t going anywhere, that the rumors about selling the Church were unfounded. I told him I was going to be very disappointed if the rumors were right, and we weren’t told the truth. It seems I have reasons to be disappointed after all.

You see, we saw the Church change names, run a big mail and street sign advertising, add signs to the Church area, change the front sign to a brand new, fancy C3 one. They spend good money conveying C3, “Connecting the Community with Christ” message. To then sell and move to a local theater? It seems there was no management and plans were being made and changed daily.

We were lied to, we were let down. Very disappointing. They had the right to do whatever they pleased with the Church, but I think we deserved to be openly told why the school was really closing. We had even pre-paid for the upcoming year registration, for Pete’s sake!

C3 didn’t connect my family with Christ. It just took us a step further away from him.