David Collantes

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Don’t step in the lines

The child inside of us lives, I am a living proof. That, or I have some autistic tendencies. Or both. Having a child, I unintentionally behave like a child when I am with him but, also, when I am alone.

I have found myself avoiding to step on cracks on the floor, or on lines. When challenged with floors with multiple lines together, which are difficult or impossible to avoid, I either find and alternative route, or simply enlarge my pattern of what I consider lined space, like lined areas of different colors become empty spaces –without lines–, for example, all the black mosaic, even though it has lines, becomes a “flat” and the lines not to be stepped on become those who divide the black mosaic space from a different colored space.

Am I making any sense?

I noticed that I do that, the same way I have noticed a few simple things I do, like sipping coffee and not leaving any leftover on the sipping cap, or remembering details of the people I talk to, or finding matching patterns on things and people (nail color, ear ring color and shape, etc). One of my pastimes is to mentally visualize a person I am actually looking at, but adding or taking years out of my mental image. I have been scarily surprised to see childhood photos of a person I mentally applied “age regression”, and find them to match almost perfectly to what I had imagined.

I tend to fantasize a lot, all in my mind, of course. I seem to have some type of obsession on finding geometric patterns all around. The weird thing is, no matter what I look at, I always find something that follows it.

The funny –and interesting– thing is, I have always been like that. I just never gave it any thought until someone recently mentioned some of my ‘weirdness.’