That 3:00AM call

Comment posted on Larry David: On the Red Phone

“It’s 3AM and your children are sleeping. But the phone is ringing. It’s your mortgage lender, calling to let you know that you are 180 days late on your payment for that crazy mortgage you agreed to. It doesn’t matter, because your phone was disconnected a long time ago. But no worries, Hillary Clinton is working late, at some desk somewhere, doing a Sudoku puzzle maybe. And she supports a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures. What is it that’s going to happen in those ninety days to solve your problem? Hell, she doesn’t even have the slighest clue and she really doesn’t care. But words like “90-day” and “moratorium” sure test well. ‘I am Hillary Clinton and I approve this message. You have 90 days to pack up your crap and get out of that house.'”

Certainly a more believable 3:00AM call… and answer.