Bright House follow up

You will remember my previous Bright House post. The same day I wrote that, I got a call from a Bright House customer service representative. Since there is no need to know names, let’s call her Christine. I like that name.

Christine told me Bright House was aware I had publicly written about my displeasure with their services, and that her job was to make sure I was completely satisfied. Fair enough. After patiently listening to my long diatribe, and taking notes, she scheduled a technician to come over and take a look. How is that different from any previous iterations, I asked to myself? Well, they contacted me. Maybe this time, just maybe.

The technician arrived, two days later, as agreed. He has to leave early, due to a family emergency, so another appointment is convened for the next day, same time. I have never had problems with Bright House customer service, nor the professionalism of their employees. That has never been the issue.

Next day comes. The technician does a complete check, and replacement. He does new terminations on all cables, inside and outside the house. He replaces my digital, HDMI, cable box. He isolates an old TV –small one– in the house, that is “injecting” signal noise to the rest of the system (the TV was just picked up by the garbage truck this morning), he conducts further tests. All systems a go, OK. Perfect.

Yet, I really would like to have the same competition we have for home phone, for cable TV. As I wrote on my previous post, right now there is none.

Bright House has done the job, and we are happy. How long will it last is yet to be known. It is too soon to say.