Back from vacations

We are back from vacations. It was a great one, but at the end we agreed that there is no place like home, for many reasons. They are mostly minor things, to which we have grown accustom to, but that combined make the type of life we live. I might detail some of those little things later.

A few posts will be due, to narrate some relevant things from the trip: Iberia and our misplaced luggages (and their English/Spanish phones lines), Hertz and our lemon like rental car, speed limits, Aix-en-Provence hotel, and the high cost of everything. I want to document a few things with photos, so, well, it might take a while. Oh, we also lost a day worth of photos (the ones on Aix-en-Provence), thanks to a brand new Transcend class 6 memory card gone bad.

We went to Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Perpignan, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Monaco, and Monte-Carlo. All and all, as I said, a great vacation. Now, we are glad to be back!