Route 53, wish I could have used you

Ever since Amazon announced it’s Route 53 service I have been dreaming on using it, but since I dislike to have services too spread out (got Google Apps and Linode now), I held up. Two days ago or so, Amazon announced new features that make hosting static websites—such as this one—on AWS S3 buckets possible. This was it, just what I have been waiting for!

Promptly I set off to migrate one of my domains over Route 53. New buckets were created on my S3, to accommodate the new websites. Started to create all needed entries: Google Apps, all old “IN A” were converted to “IN CNAME”. Ready, set! Then it hit me.

Since the rules of DNS forbid CNAMEs1 at the zone apex, you cannot set domain.tld (a “naked” domain) to also be a CNAME for your Amazon web enabled bucket. You need an “IN A”, an IP for that, which Amazon doesn’t provide on S3. Bummer!

Too bad, so sad. Reversed everything. As we were!

  1. If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases cannot be different. ↩︎