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T-Mobile and the iPad

I am not sure about the other mobile telephony providers, but this morning I went to T-Mobile with the intention of buying an iPad mini. They had only the dark colour in stock, and on 32GB capacity – I was wanting a 16GB. The transaction was almost finished, when I was asked for a telephone number. After stating that I just wanted the iPad, no connection, I was told they could only sell it, if it was with a mobile data plan. Business was lost.

Why? If I am buying an iPad, with a cellular radio set for T-Mobile frequencies, why to enforce activation right on the spot? It is absurd. The Apple Store1, on the other hand, had plenty in all colours, all capacities and no other attachments.

  1. I need to add, the Apple Store at Millenia Mall was packed to the point I could barely walk. Apple is selling a lot this holiday season!