Cold winter morning small talk

We have 36 Fahrenheit degrees this morning (2.2° Celsius). That is mighty cold for almost-always warm, sunny Florida. I stressed it to my child yesternight: he must wear warm clothes the next day. Reluctantly he said “OK”.

Then comes this morning, and the iMessages exchange look like this:

Child: “Mama is trying to make me wear an incredibly uncomfortable shirt and is yelling like a siren.”
Me: “Why? What’s going on?”
Child: “She wants me to wear an itchy shirt under the jacket. I will be toasting in class.”
Me: “Calling.”
Child: “OK.”

I talked to wife, and child. I hope he will be OK, they both be OK. Keeping a calm conversation — even when there is a rush —, and trying to use logic accomplishes more than “yelling like a siren.” 😄