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Cloud Backup

I have a NAS at home, a Synology DS411J, which we use for backups, and to keep our family photos and videos. It works great, no complains here, but I am looking to keep an outside backup. A backup in the cloud, to be precise.

The choices are:

I used to have Arqbackup, but it became unreliable, and I never liked the way it stored the files on AWS. Sadly I have not been able to find a substitute to automate backups to the cloud. So, the questions are: which cloud storage, and what workflow to use?

From the ones listed above, I use Google Drive and iCloud already, but their current use is specific. Google Drive holds my everyday files, while iCloud synchronizes all my bookmarks, iCloud keychain, and iDevices documents and photo streams. iCloud is going to change drastically with the next version of OS X and iOS, but yet, what I am looking for is the storage to keep my automated backups.

If you have any suggestions, please drop me an email.