I loathe emoji

I despise Emoji and emoticons, specially graphical emoji, or people who continuously abuse them, and interject them in every single sentence they type, sometimes even more than once. I thought that I hated “LOL,” which I do, but I would rather see LOL — when justified, not the moronic “LOL” without reason you see often — than see the utter idiotic smiles, winks, etc., continuously, all the time. “I am an elitist asshole, but here, have an Emoji! That way you will perceive me differently.

I just wanted to state my rant here, where I do not bother anyone. Maybe in the future, when someone who overuses Emoji today reaches to me to tell me they have changed their mind, that they hate them now, I will be able to say, while browsing to this entry, “I told you so."