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Amazon Cloud Drive Feedback

This is not merely a technical problem, but I did not have the choice for multiple selections. Anytime I use the word “you” down below, I mean Amazon.

First the good. I love you, I have used AWS S3 for a long time, no complains. I do much of my online purchases on you, although I am not a fervent shopper. I rent my movies on Amazon Video. I am signed up for Flex. I want you to succeed even more. I love you!

Now the bad. Amazon Cloud Drive is bad. The OS X client is clunky, far from streamlined, and dull. It can’t compete with Google Drive client–and that is bad, because the Google Drive client is far from being good. The web interface is extremely slow, it times out, it is featureless. It can’t render SVGs (maybe not even RAW images, I have not uploaded my photos and videos yet), it can’t play MP3s, or any other audio files. I just cancelled my 1 TB with Google Drive to come to Amazon Cloud Drive, but I do not see me keeping it either. Is that bad.

You could have something good going on here, to compete with Google, with Dropbox, with Microsoft. But you either decided not to allocate a big enough team to work on Cloud Drive, or the team you have working on it is learning as it goes. Either way, the end result is a half baked, or raw, product. This makes me sad, you know, like being dumped by girlfriend I really care about.

I am willing to be contacted for recommendations or further feedback.