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A few technical changes

A few things have happened on my current server setup. The biggest one was my move from FreeBSD to Ubuntu. I do not have complains about FreeBSD — how could I? — but I wanted to play with more recent stuff, and it was becoming very hard to do under BSD. I also wanted a refresh, since I had been running that VPS for a while and it was starting to feel “dirty.”

So, I spawned up an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS VPS, and migrated. It all worked like a charm, took couple of hours, mostly because I really enjoy doing things manually, without automation. To top it off, Vultr (affiliated link) upgraded their plans (and launched a brand new, $2.50/month one), so I now have 1GB RAM, and 25GB SSD, for my $5/month plan. Such a sweet deal!

I also changed my blog static generator from Jekyll to Hugo. The move was driven by the desire to gain speed (Hugo, writen in Go, is very fast), and by wishing to get rid of the many dependencies Jekyll has (being Ruby based and all). Additionally, I am hosting a presence, albeit pretty simple, for all my domains, all under Letscrypt SSL. I am also using Gitea to manage my gits via the web. This very own weblog is generated upon a commit.

Finally, I am also running a second Ubuntu server on Azure, which I am using as my VPN, and test server, for now.