David Collantes

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The Uber affair

Using Uber for the first time, in France, was a delightful experience. We were able to summon a relatively cheap minivan within minutes, the drivers were nice, nothing found to complain. Then, once back home, I decided that I might want to occasionally drive for Uber, for fun. That is when the real affair started.

To begin with, the rider photo I had on my profile no longer met their requirements. Then, the driver’s application asked me for information that I did not have handy, making me change my mind. I did no longer wanted to drive, but when I went to set my old profile photo back, it was no longer possible, because there was a driver’s application pending. Got a hold of Uber on chat, and they told me that to accomplish what I needed, they would have to delete my account. “Don’t worry,” I was told, “you can re-create it again without much problem.” So, I gave the go ahead.

Three days after its deletion, I tried to recreate the account again, only to be greeted with a message stating that my account was disabled. Back I was on chat with Uber, which reassured me the phone number was being “released,” so it could be used again. “Give it some time,” they told me. Sure, I can do that. Yet, I forgot about it until today, when I decided to install the app on my iPhone again — an email from Lyft reminded me. Tried to create an account again, same message, “Your account is currently disabled. Visit t.uber.com/account-disabled for more information.” This time I have sent an email, and am waiting on a reply.

The third time is the charm. Either I am able to use Uber again, or we will part ways for good. My Lyft account is ready, and in good standing.