On AT&T fibre

Had to chat with an AT&T employee, as a result of an order I placed yesterday. This is the feedback I left (with minor spelling corrections), after concluding the chat:

The chat experience was excellent (chat agent, Marry). AT&T experience thus far, not quite so.

I had an AT&T sales agent visit me yesterday. I signed up for Internet 1Gbps (Internet 1000 on AT&T lingo), and phone service (transferring my current number). I have a signed form, with all one time service charges waived. The appointment was set for Saturday, 21 October, 2017, from 11 to 13 hours.

Received many emails from AT&T, one of which was asking me to call AT&T “for additional information.” It seems it was to place the order! (again?). Was told installation weekends were no longer available for the remainder of the year (what?). I accepted begrudgingly, and finalised the order (telephone agent Cristina, #CC872V).

I went on to check my on-line billing, and saw I was being charged $99 for “one time charges” (the same ones waived to begin with!). Came on-line to chat, and Marry wasn’t able to deducted it, but told me to call again after installation, to get credit for it. He cancelled, and recreated the order, trying to deduct the “one time charges” to no avail.

Bottom line, very disorganised experience. It might not matter much to you, but it doesn’t give me the “warm, fuzzy feelings.” My service hasn’t started, but I am already starting to regret it.

That’s my feedback.

As of now, my on-line bill still shows a $33 “one time charge.”

Addendum 09 Oct 2017

I cancelled the service, even before it was installed. Really bad experience.