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About the Impermanence of Things

Posted on One min read

Thinking about the impermanence of things is a reoccurring theme for me. It usually happens if I get mad at something I don’t like, which used to be quite often no long ago. I still notice situations that are less than desirable for my point of view, but I no longer get mad every single time. I am trying my very best not to get upset for anything, or with anyone. Yet, the thought of everything being temporary still surrounds me. The last time it came to mind was when grandfather died.

Truly understanding the meaning, and embracing it could bring sadness first, but then content, and assurance. We have always wanted to be in control, to know as much as we can of the world around us. Both might never be truly achievable, but yet the fact that everything around us is impermanent, in flux, remains a constant.

I have never been very religious, even less so now. Nevertheless, I can’t help but to like, and agree with, one of the Buddha’s teaching: nothing, mental or physical, is permanent, and having an attachment to either leads to suffering. Fully resigning to this fact brings me much inner peace.