On the market for a camera

The iPhone camera isn’t bad—it is actually very good—but when greater details are needed, it simply doesn’t cut it.

We have gone through quite a few cameras. The very first one we recall was a Canon EOS D30, with an amazing 3.2 megapixel — sarcasm aside, it took amazing photos. After that we had had many Sony Cyber-shots, a Canon Powershot A640, a couple of Canon Powershot Gs, and another bigger Canon, the EOS 6D. In between we have used the camera that comes with the iPhones, starting with the iPhone 2G.

Now, the iPhone camera isn’t too bad, and since we already carry the phone, it also means we carry a camera everywhere we go. Yet, neither wife nor I fully enjoy the photos that come out of it. In a bind, the iPhone camera does a decent job, but when looking for higher resolution, to blow up photos, or when greater details are needed, it simply doesn’t cut it. For that we need a dedicated camera. It is that need which have brought us, inexorably, here.

Which camera to buy? We really do not want to spend over $500, but we understand there aren’t many good choices at that price range. The Fujifilm X-A5 goes for around $600, and it is not really that great. The Canon EOS M50, on the other hand, looks like a very good camera (and we like Canon very much), but it goes for $900. So, decisions, decisions. Which one to get?

We really could use some advise, so if you are reading this, and have one to offer, please do.