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Close my account, Robinhood!

On 23 April, 2019 I sent an email to Robinhood, using their on-line help tool, because I couldn’t find a phone number to call on their website.

Couldn’t find […] a proper choice under “support issue,” so picked something that is close to what I want, but not quite. I would like to close, and delete my account (not just deactivate). Thanks!

The reply promptly arrived the same day, stating, along other things:

We’ve submitted a request to close your account. You’ll receive an email within 1-2 business days once your account has been successfully closed.

We’re required to preserve various books and records per Rule 17a-4 of the Securities Exchange Act. We take the security of all collected data very seriously, and we don’t intend to use this data for anything other than the fulfilment of our regulatory requirements. — Angelee

So, my account was to be closed, but not deleted due to regulations. My account had no records, never used it, never conducted any transaction. Yet, regulations are regulations, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Almost three months passed, and today I get an email from Robinhood letting me know that my account statement was now available. 😳

I promptly emailed their support team:

Why am I continuing to receive these, if my account […] is allegedly closed?

Their reply?

Thanks for your patience. We can understand how this can be confusing and apologize for any inconvenience. I’ve resubmitted a request to close your account. — Maria

How hard can this be?