David Collantes

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Elections 2020

With the Presidential Elections quickly approaching, and the Democratic Presidential Debates going on, I ponder.

Election time is always an important time. We, the people, get to vote for the person that will be our nation’s president for at least four years—and with any luck, eight. The presidential election of 2020 is going to be an interesting one. I know, I know, we could say the same for every election. This time, though, it’s easy to understand why the upcoming election holds an extra weight.

The problem

I could go on, and describe the reasons why Trump shouldn’t get re-elected. They are the same reasons why he shouldn’t have been elected the first time. Those, plus so much more. Really. If you slightly follow politics, if you are honourable, if you don’t blatantly lie all the time, if you are educated, if you are smart, if you care about the environment and your fellow human beings, if you consider yourself to be an overall decent individual, if you have common sense… then you will know the reasons why Trump shouldn’t be president.

What’s being done?

From a non-partisan point of view, we need someone, anyone, but Trump. I can’t imagine it worse. As he will be the one running for re-election, and he was chosen by the Republican Party, we can eliminate the possibility of having a Republican running against him. That leaves us with a Democrat to replace him. The question is, who? With as many as 25 democratic hopefuls, it becomes a difficult task, Presidential Debates or not. The chosen one will not only be required to be the very best to lead our country, but the one with the highest chances of defeating Trump. One will say, that’s so easy, right? I mean, come on, who will vote again for that guy ? Well, many of our fellow Americans seem to have devolved—and I don’t understand why—so what would otherwise be a non-brainier, is no longer.

What to do then?

What will be required to defeat Trump? For any presidential hopeful, lowering itself to Trump’s level would be unthinkable. He is the lowest of the lowest. What to do? How to open the eyes of those who support him? How to change the minds of those who subscribe to his behaviour, who might just be like him? Arduous, close to impossible task, isn’t it? The only thing that comes to mind is to win by sheer numbers. To win by popular vote. That could be it, right? Ah, alas, the Electoral College!

Either we are in a pickle, or we are f!@#$%.