Dreelix, King of Gears

A small role-playing story I wrote to play with Kent.

Tinker goblin of some sorts. Certainly not Dreelix. By Arthur Lorenz.
Tinker goblin of some sorts. Certainly not Dreelix. By Arthur Lorenz.

Dreelix is a goblin, and he is 130 years old. A young goblin, as goblins can live for many, many years. Dreelix lives in a tidy, relatively small house, in the little town of Enter Town Name Here near the Enter geographical reference here. He is a tinker by nature and by heritage, as his parents, and parents’ parents were all tinkers, and very proud of it.

The title he holds, King of Gears, was given to his great-great-great-great-great grandfather by the Trade Excellency Tenlix VI himself, as a reward for fixing His Excellency’s transport in a time of danger. No one else in all Insert Name of Town/Country Here holds such title. Dreelix, as you can imagine, is very proud of it—even though he has done nothing to deserve it. Yet.

Since very young age Dreelix has been curious about the mechanics of the universe, and he now craves to possess the highest mechanical craftsmanship. He dreams to travel beyond the mountains, to take apprenticeship with Grandmaster Leroaux, and bring his profession to the maximum level. Yet, he does not wants recognition, he wants knowledge. To be able to afford Leroaux’s training he has been crafting toys for his neighbour’s’ children, and fixing their clocks. Even though his skills are excellent, and his creations very useful, he gets little remuneration, mostly due to the goblin’s cheapness. He doesn’t despair, though, but perseveres.

A little bit more about his house. Although small, and humble, the walls are decorated with functional artwork the resembles gears and serves a purpose. For example, small frames around his house, when activated, will pull out a pitcher and serve chilled water, should you feel thirsty. And boy, the house is clean! Dreelix is very neat, and tidy. The walls are painted light green with rivets of dark green. Gears, and Dreelix’s own artwork adorns his house walls. Most of the gears are metallic chrome, and of different sizes.

Dreelix dress on an light brown all leather set, with accents of tin metal re-enforcing it. A tool belt in which he carries his tools and gadgets never leaves his hips. His leather boots are also light brown, with tin metal accents. He wears a monocle with a high powered lens—used to craft and fix very small tinkers—which he normally keeps folded over his head. His hair is curly and dark reddish. He is normally quiet, composed, and thoughtful1.

Dreelix’s mount and faithful companion is Hux, a magnificent condor he found on a warm summer afternoon eating the corpse of a stranger by the side of the road.

I wrote the above around six years ago, or so, in anticipation to role playing with Kent. He liked to tell stories, and liked me to do the same. Just making sure I don’t lose it, keeping it for my records. Maybe one day I will finish it.

  1. Just like his creator. 😂 ↩︎