David Collantes

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On Wisdom

We come across much “wisdom” throughout our lives. Inherited from people from old, past years, or from religious books and teachings, or from our parents—for those, like me, lucky enough to had had good ones. It seems that just about everyone, from yesterday to today, has some wisdom to convey: from world leaders, religious leaders, and the common folk amongst us. Some of their “wisdom”, depending on the nation, or ethnic group, or religion, or another myriad of small factors, tends to contradict itself.

Now, what has such wisdom done for us, as the human race? Are we, as a whole, any better? Has it helped us solve any problem? Do we have less conflicts because of it? Is it feeding the hungry? Is it providing for those in dire need? Is it curing our illnesses? No. It is all poppycock.

Most often than not when I come across “wisdom” online, I just roll my eyes, don’t click/tap, and move on. I also pay no attention to inspirational speakers. Now, that’s wisdom.