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Julienne Franus

It has been over 8 years since Kent stopped learning how to play the violin. I remember how sad I felt having to tell his violin teacher, Julie, that he didn’t want to continue learning.

I tried getting in touch with Julie months after, to see how she was doing. I still felt bad, because she was so sweet, and such a good teacher to our child. I wanted to know if she needed anything. Our family was ready to help her. For as much as I tried, I didn’t get a reply from her.

Today, like it happens often, I remembered her when reading about the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. I searched for her name to see if she was still one of their violinists. It was then when, to my surprise and with deep sadness, I learned that she had died last year. I am truly saddened, our family is. We are truly sorry that she isn’t with us any longer. We will never forget Julie, her passion for music, her patience with a 14 years old learner, her gentle smile.