Yet more changes

I am contemplating, once again, some changes around here. As a matter of fact, some changes have already happened, whether you realized it or not. I am now printing the four previous entries on any archived entry, as well as providing the navigation to the previously and afterwards entries after those four. It might look confusing; it is an acquired taste. It is not as structured as some others, but it will do for now.

I am also seriously considering removing commenting capabilities all together. I have never had plenty commenters like some people and to be honest, I am not going to write looking forward to knowing and reading about what others think. If I remove commenting, even the old one’s will go.

Finally, I will change – still cooking, or even uncertain – the layout of the site to hold two columns, one being a bigger one, of course (wider). That will allow me to have my favorite links all the time close by, not even one simple click away. And it will shorten my menu. Actually, I might even take the menu away and include it on the side column. Ah, the “Read more…” links will also disappear; whole entries will stick together.

I am fiddling with this while there is so much to do, here (home) and there. I am also hungry.