Happy New Year 2004!

As we get closer to changing years —in some parts of the world it is already 2004— I feel like going over the things that happened to us (the Collantes’ family) during 2003. I may not have enough to write about to make this a serious entry, but here I go.

This year we are leaving behind brought very few things, but some made a deep impact in our lives at this point. To start with, we turned out one year older (duh!) and, hence, gained on experience (yeah, right!). We reached our 5th wedding anniversary and lived on our, still unfurnished, house for 3 years already.

I got to keep my job, a very difficult thing on a recesed economy, and managed not to go crazy with the every day stress. Kim, on the other hand, lost hers. Yeah, that’s fun.

Kent Martin is about to turn three (January 3rd) and he already uses the computer better than a bunch of grown ups that I know. He speaks much more, the three languages (english, vietnamese and spanish) and understands everything quite well in any of the three.

Thanks God, our parents are with us, alive. We suffered a major family loss, which was my dear uncle Erasmo. Other than that, family in general is allright and I can even swear we have gotten closer to each other.

As you can see, 2003 brough it’s ups and downs, but we have to be grateful with what we have. Overall, it could have being worse. We (Kim, Kent and myself) dearly hope you had an excellent 2003. Let’s look forward with the conviction that life is wonderful, no matter how harsh times may look, with the hope that every year will bring more challenges but more blessings to our lives.

To all, have a Happy and Prosperous 2004!