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Small catching up

Last week was a busy week. The Exchange server went into 3/4 full production and, yes, it crashed. For the first time I had to recover the PRIV and PUB databases and the server wasn’t been on production not even a week! Oh boy…

I got the Lingo gateway (VoIP gateway, that is) and the quality is excellent, while reaching their technical support is close to impossible. When I finally got a techie I told him I was starting to think Lingo technical support was a myth. But he got me fixed (could not check my voicemails) in one minute, so… they are difficult to reach, but they are knowledgable. If you want to hear the quality of the sound, give me a call at 786-319-4778 (my alternate number in Miami) and we will chat.

Now ready for the weekend. I’ll be back later, KM is waking up any time now…


Oh, and yesterday was my birthday. Not that I pay too much attention to birthdays, but when I am almost reaching fourty I guess it is worth mentioning :-)