A busy week

It has been a busy week. On Monday classes will start and, as you can imagine, a lot of things are left to the last moment on a Campus. It is also true that Murphy’s Law applies as well on that final week: if something is going to go wrong, it will certainly go wrong. If you are thinking Microsoft Exchange you are on the right track.

You see, when I installed Exchange 2003 I swear I installed the Enterprise version. Of course I did not; I guess Windows 2003 Enterprise Server got me confused. Running the Standard version would not be a problem in a world of plain text and no attachments… something that became an utopia a long time ago at work. So, we reached the 16GB limitation, yes, and everything stopped working. It is a good thing we could upgrade on the spot and everything seems to be fine, but was a good scare.

Another server needed to be built and ready for Monday. That is an easy task, but when you are on that final week of the break it becomes an Olympic task. Passwords need to be reset constantly, since our techs are finishing up touches on people’s machines, workstations need to be removed from the domain and/or moved to the appropriated organizational units and a lot of requests on a variety of topics come along as well. All things pieced together make a heck of a week, which it hasn’t ended for me (and others) yet, since I am still doing VPN to work and doing a few cleanups.

Now, if you add to that the effects of Charley (power going off and on, same with the phone), then you get a full grasp. Let’s hope the upcoming week is more relaxed, which I doubt though… classes are starting! Oh boy…