Bright House saga

In two occasions I have written about Bright House service, or the lack of. Ever since my last entry, many issues aroused, but I never came here to document them.

What where those issues?

They vary, and cover a wide range. So many Bright House technicians has passed by my house, I lost count. The proverbial “how many technicians do Bright House needs…” comes to mind. Issues:

  1. Black out screens, with “Please wait.”
  2. Channels with messages stating we are not subscribed (and we are). One channel, or all.
  3. Channels freezing, having couple of seconds blackouts, and/or couple of seconds of no audio.
  4. Channel guide crashing, and freezing.
  5. Channel guide becoming sluggish, taking many second to show/hide, or change channels.
  6. Loosing Internet connection from seconds, to minutes; randomly, few times a day.
  7. Loosing Internet connection and the only way of getting it back is by turning off/on the cable modem.
  8. Internet coming to a halt, with all websites, even including the own Bright House.

As you can see, there are many issues. Technicians come, perform their tests and measures, everything checks out and they leave. Nothing gets resolved. On their behalf, their customer service is superb. They follow up, and the keep sending technicians over and over. They are nice, and professional. But the service I am expecting? The cable and Internet service? Stinks. What’s more worrisome, they seem not to know what they are doing, as no one has been able to figure out our problem. Honestly, how many more technicians will they to send? By now I almost know them all.

They have no competition in my area. There is no one else offering cable service, other than satellite video companies. In my area, they have a monopoly, I have no other choice. If there were competition, they would either fix their issues, or lose customers. I know they would have lose me long ago.