Living on a Linode


Moved to Linode. Love it, highly recommend it. They reward customers that bring referrals, but notice my links do not have any referral code. That much I like their product.

All my domains have resided on a ServerBeach dedicated server for over six years now. I have tried to find something else before (cheaper, price wise), but I always stayed on ServerBeach, as they have always been reliable, with fast connections.

The server that until recently hosted my domains has long been at the end of life, and the reason it was never replaced was because the alternative, on a comparable hardware, was more expensive. Yes, my EOL server was “grandfathered.” So I went off to research and find my domains a new home, and after a couple of months I decided to pick a virtual machine from Linode, a virtual server (Xen) provider. I had had my Linode for about a week now, and I could not be happier.

Unlike many other virtual server providers, Linode allows you to boot a very small Linux distribution (they have a list of the supported ones on their website) that you can then use to build upon, adding only the bits and pieces that interests you. Their management utility —Linode Manager— is quite simple, yet powerful and organized. It allows for all management (including recovery) of your Linode. You can also pick the geographical location of your Linode.